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ARTIST STATEMENT: If one were to ask what type of artist I consider myself or describe my style I would say that I am an "Eclectic Visualist". This is because as an artist I’m always looking for new discovery and I create a variety of work from a traditional contemporary, modern to a digital tech style. I feel that artist like musician become categorized because it is easier for someone to market and package what you do.

I received my B.F.A from the School of Visual Arts in New York in 1988 but didn’t come out on to the art scene until 1990. Two years after finishing college I began to explore the nuances of visual art with more precision. I would stroll through the galleries of SoHo were I could rethink about my creative processes, technique and genre.

My debut as an artist was at an Expo at the Javits Center in New York in 1990 where I had gone by my artist name (KEM). I premiered my art work in the form of buttons and wearable art sportswear. I then realized that there was a market for my work with its style of vivid colors and animated expressions.

I shifted my gears somewhat towards the realm of education and became a visual arts instructor in New York City public schools. In 1999 I founded Artizfacts Visual Arts Specialist, A small visual arts Communications vehicle which strives on the premise of conveying thought provoking concepts through the means of creative expression and multi-media.

At present I am the founder of the ARTizFACTS Studio Gallery.

Artizfacts Studio Gallery Hub
3835 Sedgwick Ave.
Bronx NY 10463
Appointments Call
 917 886 3507
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